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Built with trust and loyalty which is same with the spirit empowered by Airbnb, BnBFriendly consists of experienced hosts, co-hosts and online marketers. Being a host gives us personal experience when it comes to working with other host to help them with their properties. But we realize that there is something more we can actually do. We now offer reliable services to help other hosts based on our experience.

Hosting guests around the world is something that we do for our apartment as well. With the experience we have had for many years of providing travelers with 5-star experience, we have a clear grasp of how to attract their attention. We are confident to bring the same enthusiasm and dedication we’ve had through the years, but this time, by helping hosts establish their online presence and make an impact to prospect customers.

We help and empower hosts on how they could make their presence felt and entice travelers to acquire their service. With one of the interviews made by BnBFriendly owner Sandy Allain for the book “Get Paid For Your Pad”, he shared insights and expertise on how to provide excellent service to prospect customers.

We have founded BnBFriendly.com with our mission to share our personal experience as a host by co-hosting, and give helping hand to new and aspiring hosts worldwide. With the expertise we possess for internet marketing, plus the experience we have had as great hosts, we can help you achieve your goals of making an impact and getting more prospects to your listing. We will work with you hand in hand to provide the best service you possibly can.

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