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Elevate your touristic apartment’s global appeal with our comprehensive website service. For only $99/month, enjoy a fully managed, multilingual platform that showcases your property, secures bookings, and handles all operational details. Our risk-free, performance-based model guarantees bookings or you don’t pay, offering an effortless solution to increase visibility and revenue.

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Elevate your rental business with our comprehensive and fully managed website service, designed to promote your touristic apartment to a global audience.

We handle everything from website to booking management in multiple languages, ensuring your property is not only seen but also booked.

Our service is performance-based, meaning you pay only when we secure bookings, offering you a risk-free solution to increase your visibility and revenue. As an added advantage, we provide an alternative to platforms like Lodgify, with more inclusive services and a hands-off approach for property owners.

Why Choose Us?

  • Complete Global Marketing Solution: We create a custom, multilingual platform to highlight the unique aspects of your property, ensuring it attracts international guests.
  • No Effort, All Returns: Our fully managed service handles all aspects of site maintenance and guest booking—just watch the reservations roll in.
  • Booking Guarantee: With our commitment to performance, you only pay for successful bookings, making our services completely risk-free.


  • Custom Website Development: Our websites are beautifully designed and tailored to display your property’s best features.
  • Integrated Booking System: Features a comprehensive calendar with direct booking options through Stripe, PayPal, or external links to popular platforms like Airbnb.
  • Multilingual Listings: We provide listings in several languages, broadening your reach to guests from different parts of the world.
  • Exclusive Additional Services: Enhance your offerings with bookable local experiences and services that cater specifically to your property’s location and target demographic.

Enhanced Guest Experience

Offer your guests more than just a place to stay. Our platform allows them to book unique local experiences alongside their accommodation, such as exclusive tours or cultural visits, directly enhancing their overall trip and satisfaction.

A Comprehensive, Hassle-Free Alternative

Our service extends beyond just listing your property. We manage all operational aspects, making us a superior choice to traditional platforms like Lodgify. Enjoy enhanced service offerings, broader exposure, and a completely hands-off experience.

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