How to Get More Bookings for Your Airbnb Business

How to Get More Bookings for Your Airbnb Business

How to Get More Bookings for Your Airbnb Business

Your ultimate goals are to entice more people to check out your listing and to rank on the first top pages. So how are you going to boost that traffic to your site and make sure that your listing ranks on top? With a lot of seriously fierce competition out there, surely this will be a great challenge for you. But you are up for it and will in no time optimize your Airbnb’s visibility, exposure and booking by following these tips and techniques.

Create a Catchy Airbnb Title
To craft a catchy title, the right formula is to use creative and unique words to describe your listing. Use more powerful adjectives instead of using the common ones. Use all of the space provided to your advantage and provide all the necessary information a potential customer would want to know about your Airbnb rental. Since you may change your Airbnb title at any time, you may also target your customers in line with events or upcoming festivals within or near your place. Highlight the features of your location. Don’t forget to include information regarding your neighborhood, public transportation and famous attractions in the area as well as the distance from your place to the city center. Test your title afterward to check your ranking so that you can do necessary tweaks to your title if needed. You can do this through Rankbreeze which is a great tool that tracks performance and ranking.

Optimize Your Photo Gallery
You have to make the best of your Airbnb’s photo section when building your listing. Put a selection of great photos only! Pick photos that are most attractive and with the greatest impact. Post photos that capture the character of the place and its amenities. Some potential customers are not into reading so much and some decide if they are going to book right after looking at the photos section. Here are some tips on creating that perfect photo portfolio to make your listing stand out from the others:
Only upload photos with high quality. Choose photos in landscape style and avoid blurry ones.
Add just the right amount of photos. Three to five photos for every single space inside and outside the house is enough. You may also add photos from different views or angles for that more realistic feel.
Make sure that you pick photos that are relevant to the Airbnb experience you are offering. Rule of thumb is as long as the photo will add value to your rental, then you can add it up.
Go the extra mile and add catchy descriptions to your photos. This will make a perfect opportunity to highlight the Airbnb experience you are offering. By the way, adding captions to photos is a great SEO (search engine optimization) technique.

This tip won’t improve your ranking alone but will attract more guests to put your listing in their Wish List which will increase its ranking.

Update Your Calendars
Just by simply logging in daily and updating your title, pricing or the photo section of your Airbnb listing, you can increase your listing’s ranking. If your place or place near you has an upcoming special event or festival makes sure to update your listing. Include block out dates to avoid cancellations too.

Make Your Listing Easy to Book
Take advantage of the Instant Book option of the Airbnb platform. The Instant Book option is designed to improve user experience with only a few mouse clicks. It is designed to improve your bookings. This is also beneficial to you as the host since you will save time in answering to customer’s various requests. Knowing how to use this feature will give your potential guests the ease of booking even before they get to contact you. You have to make sure that the place is always clean and ready for occupancy if you turn this feature on as guests may book any time. Ease of booking through Instant Book will leave your listing a positive response rate which will improve your ranking.

Respond Quickly
As easy as it may seem, a high ranking doesn’t just happen by chance. You have to work for it. You have to devote at least a portion of your time to your listing tasks. You also have to pay careful attention to the notifications tab and make sure to respond quickly to inquiries. Never take more than 24 hours to respond to inquiries as this will hurt your ranking.

Most Airbnb searchers are not just looking for a place to stay. They are looking for that great travel experience too and that includes accommodation. To understand your audience better, you have to be a responsive host. Be sure to answer all customer inquiries. Since the Airbnb app can be easily downloaded on your smartphones, there is no more reason for you to not be able to respond quickly. You will surely rock the Airbnb world if you are 100% responsive as you will close deals faster when you respond quickly.

Make a Good Impression
Friendliness is also a very important factor for a successful Airbnb business. To succeed as an Airbnb host, you have to respond pleasantly to all guests’ inquiries. Be available and patiently respond even though some guests plan to book a year away from today. You have to put yourself in the traveler’s shoes. Know how you can deliver that experience by being a friendly host. And if your guests finally decide to stay at your place, preparing a welcome gift for them may also help in creating that great impression.

Add Perks to Your Listing
Something as simple as providing coffee and tea or including shower kits, shampoos, toothbrushes and other amenities such as blow dryers, clothes iron, or even pairs of slippers just like the ones offered in hotels is something you should not overlook. A lot of travelers want fewer things to pack and having this kind of inclusion is a big plus.
You may also include books, board games, movies, and other forms of entertainment while your guests are having their stay. This will also be helpful in an unexpected change of weather while your guests are having their vacation. Allowing pets at your property will also instantly put you ahead of the game as not much of Airbnb hosts allow this. A pet-friendly host and place will make you stand out from other Airbnb rentals. Many people travel with their pets too so giving them a great option will also make a great addition to future positive reviews and increase your ranking as well.

Provide Competitive Rates
People searching on Airbnb are mostly looking for a great deal. Since renting out an Airbnb place is more cost-effective, travelers prefer this over staying at a hotel. Most travelers who are on a budget would opt for the lowest price of course. To get an idea of pricing, you may check how the other Airbnb hosts in your area are pricing their places. You may then try to offer your rental at a lower rate, especially if you are new and you would want your listing to rank higher. You may also change your pricing depending on the seasonality or market demand. Avoid offering very high rates because guests might not be interested to book with you. Not only this, but they might also leave a negative review on your listing which will affect your ranking.

Promote Your listing
To reach a wider audience, you may wanna promote your link outside the Airbnb platform through the following:

Social Media. Share beautiful photos of your Airbnb space on top social media platforms and attract several potential customers. Facebook alone has a huge potential client reach so it’s smart to create a page where your audience may reach you. Invite them to like your link and follow your Facebook page as well. Like Facebook, Instagram has also a huge number of active users of over approximately 500 million users a chance to make your social presence felt should not be missed. Social media presence will make you get on top of the listings too so make sure that the content you are sharing is updated. It will be good to add some valuable content as well.
Business Cards and Flyers. This traditional method of promoting will cater to those who are not always online. You may float these in local attractions, public places such as restaurants and events.

Gather Excellent Reviews
This a very important factor for ranking on Airbnb. Make sure that you are supportive and accommodating during your visitor’s stay. Ask if you could offer them anything or if they have additional requests. Providing them with a guest-focused experience will encourage them to leave great reviews for your listing. Make sure you tell them that you would love to hear how you can improve your services and are open to their suggestions.

Airbnb rentals have become a great accommodation alternative for most travelers and may provide you the extra income you need. Although running an Airbnb business is not an easy task, putting into action all the tips and techniques mentioned above will surely get your business successful with more tangible views, great reviews, increased booking and of course the high rankings you have been waiting for.

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