Creating Catchy Airbnb Listing Titles That Will Get You On Top

Creating Catchy Airbnb Listing Titles That Will Get You On Top

When you make a new page, writing a memorable Airbnb title is the secret to optimizing your bookings. Not only would a better title rank higher in the Airbnb search results, but you will also attract some instant attention from prospective visitors.

So, are you looking for any examples of successful Airbnb titles? Oh, you’ve come to the right place. The goal of this article is to show you how to write catchy names for your convert listing.

This title is one of the most significant elements of the listing. Your Airbnb title has to be taken care of since it is the first thing visitors can see. It must be short and sweet, but it must still be thorough enough to describe your house.


Before anything else, you have to come up with a catchy name for your Airbnb rental. You’re only offered one opportunity to attract the eye of a prospective visitor, so make it count.

Writing a catchy name for your Airbnb is a perfect way to attract your guests. Be sure to write a title that tells people about your room, as well as showing unique features. Guests scroll through the search results with ease, so you need to stand out from the competition.

Get this wrong, and it will have a negative effect on your booking volume. But it’s worth investing a lot of effort into this section of the listing. Have it right, though, and in no time can you steal bookings from your competition.

Airbnb Listing Titles: Tried and Tested Formula That Will Draw A Lot Of Bookings

Many hosts have taken these strategies to increase occupancy since the recession is to change their names and reasons that will give excellent support to their customers and clients.

For one thing, they’re no longer reaching the same crowds – because no one’s on the road, hosts have had to turn their tactics, rent out to travel nurses, home-based staff, or holidaymakers. Your titles need to be updated, too, to fit your new market.

Here are five examples of how to write a catchy name for Airbnb rentals.

TIP # 1 – Limit your title to 50 CHARACTERS

Airbnb assigns the title to only 50 characters, so make sure to include all 50 characters. In other words, don’t make the title too short. Now, this is the last chance to make an impact.

Often it’s tricky to match what you’d like to say in just 50 characters. With that in mind, the next point – using abbreviations.


Consider the use of abbreviated words for your Airbnb title, especially if you have trouble fitting your words into the maximum space. I say A/C instead of the air conditioner, or BR instead of the cabin. You’re getting the idea.

You’ll find that all of the better Airbnb titles use abbreviated words. The best bit is that visitors will appreciate what you’re talking about.

Please follow some of the samples below.


  • BR = Bedroom
  • A/C = Air-conditioner
  • CBD = Area of Central Business
  • DT = Downtown
  • W/= With a
  • & = And then
  • APT = Apartment


It’s imperative to know the audience. For e.g., how do you write catchy Airbnb titles if you don’t know who you’re selling to?

So, who’s the target audience? Do you cater much to your families? Maybe your audience is primarily tourists? Students, professionals, and corporate owners are other potential audiences for Airbnb hosts.

For instance, if your Airbnb is close to Disneyland, you will write “near Disneyland” in your title. Another tip is to change the title seasonally. E.g., mention your swimming pool in the summer. In the meantime, in the winter, you might tell that you were dreaming about your toasty wood fire. You’re getting the idea. It’s worth remembering that updating your Airbnb title will further improve your rankings.

But, to sum up, make sure your Airbnb title applies to your target crowd.


The best thing you can consider is to reveal your title room. That’s what I mean by showcasing some exceptional functionality or resources.

Think adding stuff like free parking, swimming pool, Netflix, newly renovated, free WiFi, self-check-in, and so on.

Any examples of successful Airbnb titles can be ‘Centrally placed w / free parking & Netflix.’ Another could be ‘Family Apartment W / Self Sign In & Swimming Pool.’

TIP # 5-Use CATCHY Phrases

If your goal is to create a striking label for your Airbnb rental, does it make sense to use catchy terms, right?

TIP # 5-Use CATCHY Phrases

If your goal is to create a striking label for your Airbnb rental, does it make sense to use catchy terms, right?

Another rule of thumb is to dodge using “boring” terms in your Airbnb names. That means terms like decent, friendly, unique, incredible, wonderful, most fantastic, and so on. In other words, don’t use words that are a hundred or more. They are too widely seen that they won’t catch the interest of prospective tourists.

Also, never, never use the CAPITAL LETTERS in any conditions! The use of caps is like yelling on the Internet.

What are catchy words, then? Generally speaking, the phrases are mental stimuli. E.g., catchy titles will attract your attention and elicit an answer from your label.

Examples Catchy Word And Adjectives For Airbnb Titles:

  • Luxury
  • Executive Officer
  • Rustic thing
  • Secluded from
  • Modern, modern
  • Historical
  • Gem Secret
  • Oasis
  • Vintage’s
  • Bright
  • Lively
  • Spacious
  • Modern
  • Eclectic
  • Glamorous
  • Green
  • Peaceful
  • Upscale
  • Rare

Tip # 6 – Omit Irrelevant Terms

You will save space in the Airbnb description by omitting meaningless terms. I do not consider listing how many bedrooms you have in the title. Nor do I propose clarity as to whether your space is a private room or an entire location.

The explanation is, the sort of location and the total number of bedrooms will also appear under your description. It means that you’re doubling up and losing yourself valuable rooms.

Another explanation is that often visitors can filter the type of property and the number of guests they require. If your property appears in the search results, it will presume that it has ‘2 bedrooms’ or ‘an entire location.’

In addition, it is pointless to mention the suburbs or communities in which you live. It is noted for two reasons; first, it’s unlikely that a visitor would know anything about your particular neighborhood. Second, they’re still looking for a motive in your place.

All and all, get their attention with a catchy Airbnb name or title. Then, if they’re on the page, use the explanation for marketing the neighborhood.

A Few Awesome Airbnb Titles with Formula

Okay, now you know how to write a catchy label, but you want some good Airbnb titles, right?

Here are some fantastic examples of Airbnb titles that have been hammered to many hosts. Here are some examples of labels that falls flat. 

 1st Formula: [Adjective] [Property Type] Near [Landmark] – [Distance]

–         Spacious 1BR Near Eiffel Tour – 5 Min Walk

2nd Formula: [Adjective] [Property Type] w/ [Top Features]

–         Rustic Private Cottage w/ King Bed + Oceanside View

3rd Formula: Enjoy [Selling Point] at [Adjective][Property Type][Location]

–         Enjoy Sunsets at Fully Equipped 2BR Condo at the Beach

4th Formula: [Adjective][Property Type][Experience Type]

–         Luxury Beach-Front House Perfect for Romantic Weekend Getaway

Other Examples and Formulas

[House name] close to [Landmark] w/ [selling point]

–         Sovereign Cottage 6 mins to the Mall w/ free breakfast

[selling point][property]w/[selling point]

–         Family-sized condo unit with Netflix, Air-Con, and Parking


To sum it up, there is no such thing as “the right title.” It’s hard to write a title that has all the features listed in this article. The good thing is, it doesn’t have to have it all.

The most important thing is that:

  • If the title is catchy, it’ll stick out.
  • You’re using all the room provided
  • It provides value-added information.

Other directions to boost the Airbnb listing:

  • Optimize the picture portion of your Airbnb
  • Improve your summary of the Airbnb listing

In short, to write the right title, you need to nail the following areas to the nail:

  • Using any of the 50 characters
  • Using the abbreviation
  • Get to know the audience
  • Show off your room
  • Using catchy terms
  • Omitting meaningless words

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