13 surefire ways to grow your Airbnb bookings

13 surefire ways to grow your Airbnb bookings

It can be easy to draw visitors during the busy season, but the ultimate aim for any Airbnb property owner and the host is to make sure their holiday rentals are still packed – no matter what time of year. How do you keep a comfortable house from sitting lonely as things slow down? What would you do to make reservations all year round? We’ve put together a list of stuff to bear in mind when it comes to growing your occupancy pace.

1. How to Beef Up Your Occupancy Standing

One way to maintain a constant stream of bookings is to make sure the Airbnb page is up to date. Does your definition of Airbnb better complement what you offer? Are there new amenities that you neglected to add to your list? Is your garden now full-blown spring flowers worth photographing and adding to your listing photos? Have there been any road closures or improvements in public transport when it comes to the guidance you give to the guests? We encourage you to refresh your Airbnb page on a monthly basis to ensure that you don’t miss out on your bookings.

Holding the Calendar up-to-date is one of the best ways to increase Airbnb SEO. The simple explanation is that being on top of the availability of the listing means that all the available dates show on the Airbnb market, which you’ll want to be on top of anyway, so you don’t miss future bookings. And more, Airbnb’s algorithm marks hosts who frequently check their calendars as both active and sensitive. And with Airbnb, hard work really pays off – successful and attentive hosts are compensated with priority search rankings and are usually drawn to more requests as a result.

2. Change Airbnb Rate Based On The Season and Situation

Let’s put this into context, you may have the most beautiful looking Airbnb in the hippest neighborhood, but if it’s not competitively priced, you’re going to miss out on your bookings. You will need to keep in mind that the price you set can be changed according to a variety of parameters – and you need to remain around all parameters to optimize occupancy. Try setting weekend prices to allow visitors to stay with you through the week when bookings are typically quieter. Reduce the costs during the low season so that you remain competitive with nearby hotels offering cheaper room rates during unpopular hours. Be sure that you have an eye on the costs of related listings in your local area and change the rates accordingly.

During the first stage of creating your listing, Airbnb recommends a reasonable price point depending on the particular lodging, facilities, and public venue. This property value tool also helps you to decide the most acceptable go-to rate for your listing individually.

3. Targeting The Right Market

A perfect way to draw new guests to your Airbnb is to relate your listing title or summary to significant events that attract tourists. Don’t ask people to find you – catch their attention and let them know that your holiday rental is close to where they want to go and that opting to stay with you would make them enjoy their vacation. E.g., you may wish to change your listing title to: “Just a five-minute walk to the Food Market” or “Nice Place to Relax After A Stressful Week.” It is just some of the most favorite subject for creating the best Airbnb listing title.

Assigning an acceptable value to your listing is not enough to equal or exceed similar listings in your area: you still need to remain competitive. Although newcomers are advised to start below competing prices before their rating build-up, and their responsiveness reflects on their profiles, Airbnb ‘vets’ should strive to remain relevant and keep up with the growing hospitality industry.

4. The Instant Book Is A Companion

Instant Book helps visitors to book home without the need for permission or contact. It makes life easy for them. It’s a feature that lets hosts make last-minute bookings that will boost the odds of earning Superhost status and bumping Airbnb up the list when users check the website. It is worth paying attention to the pros and cons of the instant book option.

5. Get The Guests To Chat About You

While visitors don’t need to write feedback, we still recommend the hosts invite travelers to leave a few comments about their stay on your website. If you know that your visitor had an excellent time, you may want to note a reminder when you say goodbye that you would “greatly enjoy” a review. Of course, another way to apply the burden softly is to write a positive review for your guest. Doing this will benefit them in their future travels. 

It also gives them an opportunity to go online and rate the accommodation. Having a list of brilliant ratings for your Airbnb makes a huge difference when it comes to getting people to book your property. We’ve got a few suggestions on how you can charm your visitors, so they’re forced to write an outstanding review for you.

6. Keep Your Listing Profile New And Tidy

Think about what search terms would be relevant to your potential guests and consider adding those keywords to your title and definition. Consider any specific essential keywords to your area, such as major landmarks, tourist destinations, and local activities. The further targeted search keywords that fit your listing information, the higher your listing will rank in the rental market.

7. Increase In Versatility

One suggestion to get as many views as possible is to set the minimum time of your stay to 1 night. The goal here is to demonstrate the versatility of your listing. The more search permutations your listing satisfies, the more results your booking will reveal.

8. Made Sure You’re Images Are Compelling

They say nothing is open, but it’s false. Airbnb provides free professional photography sessions in selected cities for listings that follow those conditions. So, if you’re a player, do it. Not only do well-photographed listings organically draw further reservations, but the striking Airbnb watermark added to their professional shots would instantly maximize your SEO page. Win-win, right?

9. Switch The Instant Book On

The ‘Instant Book On’ function is another way to highlight your listing’s versatility and balance more prospective guests’ targeted searches. Allowing visitors to book your Airbnb directly without waiting for your pre-approval can also make your listing available to a whole new market: travelers with tight time schedules. Plus, some Airbnb’ers and even those new to this platform go so far as to restrict their search results to lists that are immediately bookable.

10. Instantly Gain More Airbnb Bookings

Your Airbnb company, like a hotel, depends on bookings. Here’s a list of methods on how to get more Airbnb bookings:

  • The number one force to make more bookings is to be discovered.
  • You may get the best listing ever, with world-class, phenomenal services, but if you don’t showcase it, how can anybody book you? Totally on point.
  • Your booking inquiries equate to the number of users who notice your page in the Airbnb search results.
  • Set your goal to be on the first page of Google’s search output and not land on the second page.
  • The same is true of Airbnb listings.
  • Thus, the key to maximizing your Airbnb occupancy is to get your listing on the first tab.

To understand how you can do this, you need to know how Airbnb decides this search outcome. Airbnb wants to offer visitors the listings that they are most likely to book, and that’s how they make money. In addition, they welcome hosts who take good care of their guests. Let’s take a closer look at this.

11. Get More Airbnb Bookings: Boost Your Search Rankings

The “if you develop it, they’re coming” solution to Airbnb goes so far. With more than 6 million listings worldwide, you’re up against some tough rivalry as an Airbnb host and will have to make some severe attempts if you want to keep your occupancy rating up.

Airbnb uses a search algorithm that determines a unique ranking for each Airbnb search. They’re keeping several things into consideration. Every property is based on the personal tastes of the guests.

While others base it on your listing and your actions as a host, they are 100% in your power.

There are more than a million listings worldwide. You can’t just pop your listing up there and hope for the best. That is not enough.

However, when it comes to your listing, you should be strategic and innovative and act like a business owner.

The secret is to use an Airbnb SEO strategy to customize your listing and get more views and bookings.

12. How to raise your views on Airbnb

Airbnb takes several things into perspective.

Tons of these factors are taken into account on a daily basis: checking the schedule on a daily basis, checking prices regularly, responding to inquiries, and messages instantly. They can be significantly improved using digital property management software.

13. Airbnb Listing Not Popping Up?

Airbnb has released some of the factors they use to assess which listings appear. The primary ones are as follows:

  • Booking Charisma: Airbnb advises that you “make the title and summary appealing and descriptive” and “explain what makes your space special.”
  • Rate: The more affordable your listing shows, the more likely people are to book your house. It leads to higher sales for Airbnb. You must allocate the best price to your property based on demand, competitiveness, and more. You can also use Airbnb pricing software to help you keep on top of this every day.
  • Amount Of Feedback: Favorable feedback dramatically improves the possibility that your place will be booked. It is critical when you start. Getting a few good feedback vs. none is a huge deal!
  •  Credit And Validation: add as many confirmations as possible.
  •  Images: These play a significant role in getting your place booked. Having an Airbnb photographer’s appointment is an excellent move to emphasize the property’s attractive and inviting areas.
  •  Response: Respond to every single message and do it within an hour or less. Though you can be busy most of the time, you can use a service like Smartbnb to make sure all messages in your site inbox are answered within minutes.
  •  Revised Calendar: from the visitors’ point of view, inquiring only to figure out that the date they choose is no longer available but is still ‘open’ is terrible. Always make sure that your schedule is updated by visiting your Calendar as often as possible. But you can opt for automated property maintenance software to keep track of it.
  •  Approval Rate: You are free to disallow those booking requests, but don’t be too stringent as this will affect your search rating. By giving any guests the benefit of the doubt, 99 percent of the time, it’s going to turn out well.
  •  Cancellations: Never cancel a reservation, which brings a great deal of discomfort to your visitors, and Airbnb does not take the cancelation kindly. Make sure you understand the cancelation policy for Airbnb before doing such actions.
  •  Instant Book: these are listings that can be booked without going through the inquiry process and get favored smoothly by Airbnb.
  •  Social Connections: once linked to your Facebook account, Airbnb will show the user whether you have a familiar friend that uses the app too.
  •  Amount of Bookings: Booking is still better than no bookings at all. 
  •  References: You should ask friends and family to write a referral on your Airbnb site. It is especially relevant if you have even just a number of feedback because it can reference other visitors that will check out your site.
  •  Log in frequently: there is no harm in showing Airbnb that you are a dedicated host. It’s actually good for you and your Airbnb profile. 
  •  Write the answers to your reviews: this demonstrates that you care about your guests by taking a few minutes to respond to their comments. Seek examples of guest comments to inspire you before responding.


Remember that you need to be aware of and strive to enforce a lot of information. But note that every day is a new day, and your Airbnb status usually represents your behavior over the last 30 days.

Irrespective of the hard work, it’s worth taking these tips handy. You want to showcase the Airbnb that you are creating, and you want to be able to fill it with satisfied visitors.

Regardless of how long you’ve been an Airbnb host or property manager, there’s still space for improvement, particularly during the low season! Optimize your Airbnb from bad feedback to dull names, find ways to boost your listing, and get your property booked solid for every occasion. The method is convenient and economical, and the results are straightforward and clear. Learn how to increase your Airbnb bookings and see improvements almost instantly from the experts. Don’t stop learning and be the authority in your field.

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