Ways To Become An Airbnb Superhost

Ways To Become An Airbnb Superhost

Airbnb is a famous online marketplace for travelers or tourists searching for quality and affordable accommodation across the globe. It works like a “third party” agent who receives a commission after a successful booking. The Superhost, on the other hand, is an Airbnb host who provides an effective and outstanding service to guests compared to other hosts.

Airbnb Superhost: What is it?

Airbnb has a handful of hosts, but once it reaches the Superhost status, a badge-like image will automatically reflect on the hosts’ Airbnb profile, easily identified by visitors when they visit the website. Seeing such a badge gives the customer a satisfying feeling that they will be provided with the best kind of service and accommodation. It makes them feel safe and secured wherever they choose to travel.

It was in 2016 when Airbnb launched the Superhost program. It was a program designed to reward VIP hosts who have been devoted to providing exceptional customer service. More than the distinctive achievement, the host or hosts awarded Airbnb Superhost would obtain and enjoy tons of benefits.

But before we find out the benefits of an Airbnb Superhost, let’s understand some minor details.

Why Did Airbnb Created A Superhost Program?

Due to the failure of consistent experiences in the alternative accommodation industry, Airbnb launched the Superhost program as a solution and motivation.

But what is Alternative Accommodation? It is a type of accommodation that is way different from the status quo, meaning it’s neither a resort nor a hotel. Instead, it’s a more affordable travel option where inquiries and transactions happen online and are designed for the online community.

In the past, Airbnb’s service ranking presented a poor discernment between the experienced and quality hosts and the newbie operators. Almost 80% of the properties that is a member of the Airbnb bandwagon get to have a rating of 4.5-star service rating. This figure is not enough to encourage guests to trust even the company’s premium properties. In order to bridge the gap, the Superhost program creates a more in-depth metric that focuses on quality and showcases the host’s property portfolio.

Now, what are the benefits that awaits an Airbnb Superhost awardee?

The Perks of an Airbnb Superhost

Travel-buffs often use an online accommodation app to book a place to stay prior to traveling quickly. It is to avoid the walk-in hassle where most well-known hotels and ins are fully-booked, leaving foreign guests to choose whatever accommodation is available. This kind of arrangement is much more affordable; however, it is inconvenient and sometimes unpleasant to stay in.

Airbnb is one of the most sought after online accommodation platforms that had been providing lodging services since 2008. As the company vastly expands all over the world, the Superhost status that was launch in 2016 was designed to motivate and boost the morale of Airbnb hosts. It is to inspire them more in improving their services, and when awarded with the Superhost badge, they can take advantage of several benefits that go together with the recognition.

There are several benefits an Airbnb Superhost can enjoy with that badge, which means aiming for one is genuinely worthwhile.

Benefits of an Airbnb Superhost

  • Rewards

A Superhost that gets to maintain his status for a year will receive a gift credit on his first anniversary from Airbnb, which he can use in his Airbnb trip anywhere! You can also receive exclusive invites to any Airbnb events.

If the badge gets stripped off your in less than a year, you will no longer be entitled to any perks and credits. One situation that can cause a Superhost badge’s revocation is when terms and conditions are abused and violated. Airbnb checks four times a year on Superhost’s to ensure that they are keeping up with the principles and goals of the hospitality industry.

  • Priority Support

Waiting for customer support to get back at you after inquiring about a problem can sometimes be frustrating. But for Superhosts like you, Airbnb’s customer support team will instantly provide you with a ‘super support’ service. It can be through email, phone, or social media. If your Airbnb has a problem or you need additional help, you’ll always be a priority.

  • Increase Bookings

For travelers who have been doing booking accommodations through Airbnb would trust Superhosts like you compared to hosts who do not have any badge. Thanks to your badge because it draws more customers to your property, adding a more favorable impression to your profile and compelling listing. Another great thing is that you can be featured in search results and emails. Therefore, if you have achieved the Superhost badge, expect your inquiries and bookings to shoot up.

  • Revenue Boost

The more bookings you get, the more increase in your revenue. This is just one of the best perks a Superhost can enjoy. A Superhost can gain an average of 22% in earnings compared to ordinary hosts and it’s based on Airbnb data. You can just imagine the digits rising on your monthly computations.

To check out your Superhost status, you can view it on your Airbnb host dashboard tab. Remember that Airbnb does a Superhost assessment four times annually.

So, after learning what a Superhost is, its perks and benefits, and the fantastic things that it can do for Airbnb hosts who are doing an excellent hospitality job like you, here’s the moment to reveal the criteria that will entitle you the Superhost badge.

The Superhost Criteria

Before you become a certified Superhost badge status holder, there are criteria that need to be met first such as the following:

  • Zero cancellations, except for situations that fall under Airbnb’s Extenuating Circumstances policy
  • Maintained a 90% response rate or higher
  • Maintain an overall 4.8/5 rating
  • Have had at least 10 booked guest trips OR successfully completed 3 long term reservations that total at least 100 nights
  • Maintained a 50% review rate or higher

Let’s discuss them in detail.

How to become an Airbnb Superhost in 5 simple steps:

Step 1. Make ZERO cancellations – manage your calendar wisely

Having zero cancellations – except for the extenuating conditions of Airbnb – is one of the main criteria for being a Superhost. It can be achieved by ensuring that the booking calendar is still up to date. If your property is open on occasional weekends or most months of the year, you could only mention the dates on which you can approve reservations.

If you are not sure (i.e., say you don’t know your schedule in the following months), work the other way around and block all future dates, leaving available days when your calendar becomes clear. It will hinder you from improperly keeping the dates free months away, only to have a client making a booking that you have to cancel.

Step 2. Maintain a 90% response rate or higher

Any traveler can agree to the ease of finding a host who responds to inquiries quickly. Superhosts must respond to at least 90 percent of messages received within 24 hours. One easy way to do this is to use the Airbnb app on your computer or mobile devices. Suppose you’re unable to respond to an inquiry because you’re busy or out on holiday. In that case, you can use a website like Smartbnb to handle your messages or a platform that gives coupon codes for accommodation adverts or maybe hire someone to monitor your bookings, check-in, so on and so forth.

Step 3. Maintain an overall rating of 4.8 or higher

Having a property ranking of 4.8/5 may sound like an accomplishment, but a Superhost can effortlessly achieve these figures if one understands the criteria that guests would rate. Below are the six factors for analysis after booking, preceded by tips to promote a raving evaluation for each of them.

  • Accuracy

– Make sure that the property fits the listing specification

– Be ahead of failures, which can be counter-balanced by good ones – e.g., the room might be little, but it’s “comfortable!” “Or maybe it’s near the highway, so it’s” accessible to travel! “If your property is a little older, try to emphasize its “retro” style!

– Don’t cheat. Lack of integrity or deception can seriously damage the ratings of your visitor.

– If you’re still having problems, some professional freelancers provide competent Airbnb listing services that you should recommend.

  • Communication

– Be consistent and prompt with the experiences of your guests.  

-Deem a service like Smartbnb to simplify messaging, or employ someone to handle your messaging like  Taskrabbit.

-Be respectful and pleasant with all your interactions.

-Urge your visitors to send a message if they need something.

  • Cleanliness

– Make sure that the property is cleaned correctly at checkout

– Get rid of common imperfections such as dirty linen, poorly washed dishes, dust, debris on floors, furniture, appliances, and improperly stored toiletries such as soap, shampoo, or toilet paper.

– Think of employing a competent cleaner through a third-party provider.

– Cleaning companies let you book and handle property cleaning services online. You’re entitled to an instant quote depending on your location and the area of your property. Your cleaner would be a specialist that can take care of all your background-checks.

-Various websites can help you find experts in all kinds of odd jobs that can assist with the listing, including maintenance, key handling, and guest messaging.

  • Location

– Be consistent in your definition – e.g., do not write “convenient city home” if your flat is an hour away from the city proper.

-Check out the listings in your community for suggestions about the trends your neighborhood may have to offer, like fantastic local cuisine, tourist spots, or festivals.

  • Check-in

-Clarify the check-in details with your guests before their scheduled arrival.

-Include check-in information by clicking on the “Guest Tools” button and choosing standard or self-check-in. You can add additional check-in instructions here as well.    

-Be sensible about your check-in and check-out schedules to present the best customer experiences.

-Study the possible use of the key lockbox or smart-lock option that will allow guests to sign in on their own.

  • Value

– Create an informative price assessment of your property. Airbnb provides this based on demand, reviews, and similar properties in your area.

-Presenting a reasonable price will guarantee you more bookings & satisfied guests, and positive reviews, as well.

Step 4. Have had at least 10 booked guest trips.

The Superhost must maintain its partnership with Airbnb. Specifically, this means having had at least ten short-stay guest trips or three long-stay guest bookings totaling 100 nights or more.

Step 5. Maintain a 50% review rate.

Superhosts should have at least half of their guest evaluate their property. Some ways to inspire guests to leave a review are like the following:

– Quickly leaving a review of your guest after their stay.

– Making a polite review request can be artistically done through a welcoming package or instructional booklet. It can be provided by Airbnb or by the property itself. It can be a message like “Thank you for your stay, we hope you had a great time. If you had a pleasant stay, would you be kind enough to leave a review so future guests would know your experience with us.” Or if you wanted your services to stand out, you can also provide a welcome gift with either a wine, chocolates, coffee, tea, or a locally-crafted souvenir.

– You can personally thank your guest by sending them an appreciation message after their stay. You can also include a review request. But avoid asking for it often because it can annoy your guests in the long run.

Superhost Journey

Sound is the reasoning behind the Superhost software. Hosts offering a predictable quality of service should be compensated with a rank that could eventually lead to more bookings and improved sales.

Airbnb’s are measured quarterly for Superhost status, starting on the first day of each year. If you and your property are eligible, Airbnb will be informed of your current Superhost status (usually ten days after the quarterly appraisal has begun), and the badge will appear on your profile and page.

If you have Superhost status, please bear in mind that you are usually only granted the level before the next quarterly evaluation.

If you do not achieve any of the above conditions at the next evaluation, you will forfeit the ranking. Therefore, it is vital to closely monitor your responsiveness and cancelation figures and your overall status to guarantee that you maintain your new rank.

Status Matters

We expected that the position of Superhost would matter most in huge markets where hosts wanted every benefit to stand out from the crowd. We were shocked to see that there is no association between the success of Superhost and the number of temporary rentals in an area.

We thought it was especially significant, though, was a substantial gap in the success of Superhosts in markets driven by leisure travel. Its pattern is highlighted by a thorough glance at the Caribbean / Latin American market.


By adhering to the Airbnb criteria, you are more likely to achieve the Airbnb Superhost status. It is evaluated quarterly and, once approved, will automatically reflect on your account profile.

A Superhost can enjoy many benefits and exclusive perks, which include host referral bonus boost, an increase in booking rates, an increase in revenue, and the privilege of their property to be showcased by Airbnb.

In order to qualify for the Superhost badge, a host must keep a 90 percent engagement rate, consistently meet a review percentage of 4.8 or higher, keep an active Airbnb status with at least ten successfully booked guest trips, and maintain zero reservation cancellations. These requirements are highly essential for any host to support and achieve the Superhost status.

Think of employing a competent cleaner through a third-party provider. Cleaning companies let you book and handle property cleaning services online. You’re entitled to an instant quote depending on your location and the area of your property. Your cleaner would be a specialist that can take care of all your background-checks.

If you have an Airbnb property, sticking to their terms and agreement can do wonders for your hospitality business. More benefit awaits if you aim and achieved for the Superhost badge. Aside from the tons of perks that you can enjoy, what’s even more exciting is the leveled-up service you will provide to your guests. The moment they feel valued and deeply satisfied with your services, they will be loyal to you and even recommend your property to their friends and peers.

It may seem challenging to maintain Superhost status. Still, suppose you are serious in providing quality service to travelers who wanted to experience the best kind of accommodation. In that case, it will not be difficult for you to manage the Superhost badge. See, it always feels good to come home to a place that is clean, comfortable, and safe. A spot you can call your second home wherever you travel around the world.

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