Best Airbnb Message Template For Your Listing

Best Airbnb Message Template For Your Listing

The key to success as an Airbnb host is to build contact with the guests. Responding to the visitors and ensuring they are pleased could be the difference in a 4 or 5 stars review. So you need to get this right, which is where the saved Airbnb message prototype comes in!

The usage of the Airbnb message prototype is a real lifesaver. It’s going to open up your time for more important stuff and make you a happier host. This post will teach you how to use Airbnb saved messages.


First of all, let’s have an intro to the Airbnb saved messages, a fantastic new feature. You should write a message template to send back and forth to your Airbnb guests. These saved answers would save you lots of time each day.

Messaging visitors was one of the most time-intensive aspects of becoming an Airbnb host. And there are models that can propel the property to a 5-star ranking in no time.

But first, let’s look at the saved messages on Airbnb. It is where you can upload the Airbnb template ideas that you can learn from this material.

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For example, you can save your own custom check-in and check messages. You can also build items like a welcome note, house instructions, and so on. What’s good about it is it has an infinite amount of models!


The step-by-step process for generating Airbnb Saved Messages:

  • Go to the Messages folder

Next, go to your message folder and press on a message from your guest. You can see a link to use the saved message at the bottom of the box.

  • Build a stored message

Second, press the Save New Message button at the right. If you have previously saved messages, they will appear below.

It is also the same computer on which you pick your saved messages. You can also select the messages you want to edit from this menu. You can choose from any of the available Airbnb message templates.

  • Post a new message to save

Finally, please write your new post. Find a title (such as search the message) and write a summary. It saved the Airbnb message prototype is only available to you.



It’s smart to make touch with your guest right after booking, here’s why. It’ll make you feel like you’re a proactive and compassionate host right from the start.

As a matter of fact, this could be an important message you are sending out. It is the first encounter with a guest, so it’s the best opportunity to make a positive impression. It’s also advisable to keep it intimate, which helps to build a good vibe.

To illustrate, first of all, thank them for booking your place and that you can’t wait to host it. Next, let them know that you will give a thorough search of the specifics the day before they arrive. Finally, let them know that you’re far too pleased to answer any questions they might have.

Moreover, if they’re asking you why they’re in town, this is an excellent opportunity to be intimate. Perhaps your visitor is in town for a special event? Then why don’t you give them advice on directions to get there? Or list any restaurants in the area, etc. This factor is what tourists want.

All in all, keep your welcome letter short and sweet.


The notification message is available, which is much advised that every host must use. This Airbnb message template is designed to remind your guests of their upcoming stay.

It’s an opportunity to stress that you’re looking forward to their visit. It would also help if you informed them that you would send a check in the details the day before their stay. Often the guests feel antsy about the info search, so that’s going to put their minds to rest.

There isn’t anything else to say here. It’s just an opportunity to prove that you’re an excellent communicator to your guest. It is essential, as connectivity is a critical element in the analysis of Airbnb.


It’s crucial to get the check-in message right. Yes, check-in detail is on the listing, but it’s my understanding that visitors sometimes skip it. So go through the specifics of your Airbnb search in the message template.

Start by giving information on how to access your house. First, please provide your address and directions on where to park. Don’t forget to write your WiFi info. Guests appear to skip this on your listing still!

Now, every property will have different input instructions that they have to inform their guests about. Most of the Airbnb hosts are using a lockbox, so let’s go with that for this case.


A key to this kind of performance in this business is what we call a check-up post. First of all, during the visit, you don’t want to annoy your guests too much. Try to consider submitting a check-up message has an excellent success rate.

Some also consider creating an Airbnb message prototype for this message, which never fail them. The best time to give this is the morning of the first night, right before noon.

Don’t go into too much depth on that. Just imagine how the first night was and how your guest thinks it all. Could you find out how anything meets their needs?

Another smart idea is to see if there’s anything else they need. It’s normal for guests to withhold details to let you know they weren’t satisfied with anything in the review.

By telling the user if there’s anything they need, they’re more likely to leave you with a better rating on Airbnb.


Next, it’s a last opportunity to fix any future problems your visitor might have had during their visit. Sometimes the visitor doesn’t talk about issues, so make sure to let them know the significance. Let them that that input is valuable so that you can provide better service to potential guests.

Flicking any checkout message problems may be the difference between a 5-star rating and a 4 (or much lower) star rating. It’s an important thing!

Second, you may invite your visitor to leave you with a summary. Hold your expectations up that you can get a 5-star ranking. So aim to make them pick just the number 5 for you in their heads.

It’s one of the best ways to remind your visitor of the time to check out. Guests that are late to check out are the bane of the lives of Airbnb hosts. If you nail your check out the Airbnb message template, you’ll see 5-star ratings roll in.


Often when working with a visitor, you’ll start to see related problems coming up. That’s why it’s a smart idea to get your Airbnb message prototype set up with various requests.

Expect to receive lots of default answers saved anytime a visitor poses a question. It prevents you from writing the same answers repeatedly and helps you respond more quickly. 


Without a doubt, the question most likely to be posed by your visitors is looking for something to do and using the saved Airbnb message example instead of addressing it from scratch each time.

It’s usually a cryptic question like, “Can you suggest things to do in your city?” So it’s up to you to infer what could be of concern to them without understanding their preferences.

It’s a smart thing to go into depth as guests enjoy it. They’re going to believe that you’re composing all this text for them without understanding it’s a blueprint. Consequently, this generates a report that will lead to a complimentary evaluation, which is precisely what Airbnb is all about.


Restaurant reviews are another commonly asked issue. So making this message prototype saves me a lot of time with Airbnb.

First of all, it’s a good idea to start by listing different cuisines in your town. This way, you’re going to give them a lot of choices to pick from and hopefully stop a follow-up question. Make sure to include vegetarian or vegan alternatives.

Second, sign off by telling them if they have any more questions that you’ll be able to help with. They’re unlikely to ask any more questions if you give them a lot of choices.

Finally, make sure to note the manual of your home. Let them know that you have a full list of suggestions. It will allow them to read the manual before they come.


That’s a wrap! The Airbnb message template that will surely change the way you do your Airbnb rental business.

Let’s hope you can see how useful the saved answers are and how much time they can keep you. Be mindful of the importance of interacting with your guests also. Using Airbnb message models, you just need to streamline the whole operation.

Note the 5 Phase Procedure – to respond directly after booking. Next is a lead-up message until a visitor arrives to visit. Finally, login, log up, and check out the texts. Get this right, and you’re supposed to get 5-star ratings pouring in.

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